Blog 2019

May update

A little update here for you, and it’s mostly just to confirm that indeed the plans are going ahead, and I’m very excited to be able to do this trip. Hopefully a few of you people reading this blog will be on board as well!

I have been quite active on where the posting for the trip is found. There have not been so many people inquiring, which is understandable as it is all still quite far in the future. 5 weeks and a few days to be precise.

About budget

One of the main questions I get from people interested seems to be about budget, understandably as many of the people are students or long-term travelers. My response is that we will be doing this on as cheap a basis as possible, as that is what is most fun and best for everybody.

However, my personal budget for the year for a single season’s sailing, like this one planned, is minimum €1500. That is just the costs of owning the boat, and does not include any materials, or other items needed to keep a safe and seaworthy sailing boat.

Then of course there is all the manual work and time that have to be spent in maintaining the vessel. That’s where I really appreciate some help from the people, although it’s hard to do much productive work while under way and sailing. but please don’t be surprised if I ask you for help with the work once we get to port. I want you to know that I am not a slave-driver either, and if you think I am asking too much then tell me so.

Returning to the question about budget. The idea is to cook and eat on board. We should try to not go into expensive marinas unless we are a full crew on board to share the cost.

We all share marina fees, fuel and food costs. Food is good but basic. Think vegetarian, and leaning towards vegan, because there is no fridge on board.

A quick figure I always mention is €12 to €15 per day per person with all the above included.

The crew prospects

Alright! Enough about all that work and budget stuff. Let’s talk about the rumors of who may be sailing on board this year.

The people on board for the start of the trip I think will include one or two of my friends living in Sweden. Possibly a woman from the Faroe Islands, and not sure, but it could be that a man from Yorkshire in Northern England is on board too. Then there is a 27 year old man from Italy. And also possibly another friend of mine from Belgium if he can make it in time for the first leg.

There are changes of crew along the way, but the biggest shift is in Stockholm where I think a French-german woman, who lives in New Zealand is possibly joining. A friend of mine who lives in San Francisco is also joining there I think. Other people are getting off. Possibly some of my family will be on board for a few days as well.

There are several more people that I should mention here but I’ll have to get back with another posting at some point. The intention is to be 4, 5, or maybe sometimes 6 persons on board – but not more, except for day out sailing maybe.

Right! I have lots of other things to do today besides writing a blog so that’s it for now! Bye bye.

History revealed

I thought I’d share some of the news about what’s to come on this website over the coming months.

First of all I have been in contact with the man who built the Altergo. He has been very helpful with filling in the gaps about the history, you can see more on the About page. But also, and this is really cool, he’s scanned lots of old photographs and newspaper articles of Altergo in her young days. I will get these up and published as soon as I can. I am still in the process of learning more about the photographs and their story, as well as making sure that nobody minds if i publish them online

Second, and this is not historical news. I will be sending updates from the sailing during 2019 with pictures of the different places and what’s going on on board.

Check back and see what’s happening! Finally, here’s a little taster of one of the historical photos of the boat.

Altergo in the 1970’s

Small plan change #2


I’ve made a few changes to the seasons sailing plan and updated the website. To see the whole plan it’s available on the front page.

The main difference is simply that I’ve tried to shift the sailing to earlier in the summer by taking on less jobs for improving the boat, and more just getting her ready for the season as quickly as possible to then perhaps do more jobs along the way.

The start of preparations of the boat while she is still on land is June 3th (before it was June 16th) and if anyone reading this wants to come and help with that then fantastic!

The boat should be in the water and ready to go on Sunday 23rd June (before it was July 12)

Another change is to go directly from the Stockholm archipelago to the Islands around the Gulf of Riga. This is instead of attempting the rocky waters of Åland and Finland around Turku this year.

So to conclude; the sailing is not continuing further than to the 25th July, and possibly ending a little before. So in total we have 4 weeks on the water and moving, with a possible little warm-up session around midsummer on the 21st June!

Let me know how this can fit in with your plans and hope to see you on board!

Launching the boat

WiFi on board

For those of you wondering how the internet connection will be on board I have news that a new system will be installed for the season.

The devices are the Alfa R36N wifi hotspot with a Tube-U 4G Antenna in the mast. See a diagram of the system.

The Device takes a SIM card which will then use the 4G LTE network. The sailing region generally has pretty good internet, but there are no guarantees to have 100% up time. The data limit is high so there is no stress on usage limits.

The only thing to remember is that electricity on board is not for free. there is solar panel charging, and a backup generator, but nevertheless it is not always possible for everybody to be charging their devices at teh same time! We just have to hope for good sunshine

About page is updated!

The about page of the website has been updated today, and with some more information checked over by the original builder of the boat! Thanks to him spending time writing down details about the history of the boat.

Some details about the original rig, the different colours which the boat has been painted in and other interesting technical aspects have been elaborated upon. find the lates information about the boat here on the about page.

I hope to find old photographs of the boat to publish at this website soon as well!

Small plan change #1

An update here to explain to people that I have changed the route planned for the summer. If you want to see the old route it is found here.

After the latest research and planning I have decided to change the route. I feel that it it is better to spend more time among the islands of Finland and Estonia, as well as the Gulf of Riga. The old route includes sailing an extra 500 miles up to Umeå in Sweden, however the coastline between Stockholm and Umeå seems to be a lot less interesting than the areas I just mentioned. It just made sense to change the plan a bit.

I’ll keep a note of the old route here in this post so you see what has changed.