This page gives the details for the sailing in 2020, which is divided up into two trips. The first is to the Bay of Gdansk and to do kite-boarding and windsurfing, and eating good food… as well as getting down to some parties in Gdansk, or just exploring the old town.

The second trip is a planned trip to Ireland, with many interesting destinations in the Northern parts of the North Atlantic. An important part of the plan is to spend time in Galway on Ireland and playing music and learning instruments. As well as enjoying many nice pubs and the sweet Irish hospitality.

Trip 1 Kiteboard Poland!

Have a look at the map of the Bay of Puck area which is considered one of the world’s top kite and windsurfing spots.

To sail from Sweden to Poland takes only one day and the plan is to leave just after mid-Summer so on about the 24th June. We spend 3 weeks total sailing, and possibly make a trip up to Lithuania, or over to Germany on the way home – that all depends on the wind.

The promise of fantastic watersports and fun

On the map above I have marked some ship-wrecks on the sand-spit between the Peninsula of Hel and the mainland. That spit of sand is easily sailed around. Total length of it is about 8 kilometers. The peninsula of Hel is about 18 kilometers long

Also on the map are some ship wrecks. I have not seen them, but apparently it’s good snorkeling around the wrecks. The anchors mark the best places for stopping. Of course for kite-boarding and windsurfing pretty much the whole place is fantastic!

Trip 2: Over the North Sea

This is a larger trip starting mid-July and continuing on for four weeks. The places where we will be going, and the sailing will be very exciting. Approximate departure from Sweden is July 24th.

Destinations en route are; Limfjord in Denmark, The North of Sotland and Orkeneys, St. Kilda and the Hebrides… then also some fantastic stops on Scotland where the hiking is fantastic! Also Ireland has a number of lovely towns and great places to visit so we have a lot to look forward to.

Second trip of 2020

The dates and times for this trip are going to be published here. I also have to make some passage planning. One option is to Go via Norway as that would not make the trip that much longer. It depends a bit on the weather and other factors. I’ll keep positing and updates will be in the blog.

Fair winds!