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Little post

Hi, Too keep things up to date I just wanted to mention that we made a 4 day trip out to Roscoff from Morlaix and then also to Les Sept Iles. I though it was a great trip, and with… Continue Reading →

Sail to France

Here is the blog post for our little bit unusual sail from Sweden to France in August 2021. The trips was enjoyed with nice good and settled weather (mostly). The wind was from the Northwest to North the whole 900… Continue Reading →

800 miles to France!

We are underway sailing South and West, all the way from Gothenburg in Sweden to Brittany, France. It’s a long way to go, still 800 nautical miles! We are four people on board. One old friend of mine, and two… Continue Reading →

Story of July

July has been and gone so quickly that I have not had time to write any updates from all the sailing which we have done. The first trip was a tour of Rugen in Germany, and after that over in… Continue Reading →

Joblist and sailing

It’s fantastic to be on the water again! There is a new rudder built, the antifouling paint is all fresh, and the mast is on. I think I can feel the wind in the sails already, but so far there… Continue Reading →

Sailing Dates Schedule

Sticky Post

I’ve worked through the planning for the whole round trip to Southern Europe and the Canary Islands and back in 2022. This blog post gives the dates outline, and details about the different trips are also covered. The information in… Continue Reading →

Crew for July and August

Updated June 13th: looking for two people to join for the Aug 14 – Sep 4 trip from Sweden to France. Also: we really want help from an extra person or two in the beginning of August to help on… Continue Reading →

Sailing Plan Details

This blog post gives some information on different routes. Please see the sailing schedule plan for dates and decisions. July The main sailing season is starting in July, and I have two different proposed trips. I was hoping to see… Continue Reading →

Spring Update 2021

It’s the beginning of another season for Kelsall 39, and I hope that we all will have some good times on board: making friends, going to new places and enjoying a good sailing holiday together. I am writing this from… Continue Reading →

Hello 2021 already!

Another year, and now finally another post for Kelsall 39 sailing! It’s March already. This is the time of year when I begin to work on the boat, and the getting ready for the season. There is an exciting job-list… Continue Reading →

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