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Crew for July and August

Updated June 13th: looking for two people to join for the Aug 14 – Sep 4 trip from Sweden to France. Also: we really want help from an extra person or two in the beginning of August to help on… Continue Reading →

Sailing Plan 2021

Update to plans May 29th: The crew is full for August to sail to France. The sailing in July will more shorter trips, and instead of making a 3 week trip to Germany I will just cut that short to… Continue Reading →

Spring Update 2021

It’s the beginning of another season for Kelsall 39, and I hope that we all will have some good times on board: making friends, going to new places and enjoying a good sailing holiday together. I am writing this from… Continue Reading →

Hello 2021 already!

Another year, and now finally another post for Kelsall 39 sailing! It’s March already. This is the time of year when I begin to work on the boat, and the getting ready for the season. There is an exciting job-list… Continue Reading →

Gulf of Gdansk and Bay of Puck

On Sunday afternoon we got back to home-base in Southern Sweden after a 2 week cruise to Poland and the area of the Bay of Gdansk and the Bay of Puck. Both passages have seen quite favourable conditions for the… Continue Reading →

Passage West: Latvia to Sweden

An update here about the last leg of the sailing trip to the Eastern Baltic this year. It will cover the weather, route, and conditions of the passage from Riga in Latvia to Karlskrona on the South coast of Sweden…. Continue Reading →

Estonia’s Little Isles

After waiting out the bad weather in Haapsalu port, it was time to sail again. The persons on board numbered only three for this trip, as Dave and Essemi had to leave for a coach and ferry journey back to… Continue Reading →

Passage East: Sweden to Estonia

After Gotland the plan has been to sail East over the Baltic to Estonia, and to a town called Haapsalu, about 100 kilometres West of Tallinn. We set off in the early morning of Wednesday from Gotland. Important was to… Continue Reading →

Gotland’s East Coast

Gotland, the name of the island off the East coast of Sweden, the largest Island in the country. It has a narrow sound in the North where then the island of Fårö lies. Finally Gotska Sandön is offshore a ways… Continue Reading →

Gotland photos

A few photos from the South-east coast of Gotland where we are now. I’ll write a blog and update this post again in a few days. That’s it for now, but as I said I’ll be back with more pictures… Continue Reading →

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