The season 2020 summary

This is the presentation of the plans for the sailing in the summer of 2020. Unfortunately a series of delays and complications originating with the COVID-19 pandemic left the boat standing high and dry on land all summer.

This was the plan for 2020. In July make a trip from Sweden to Poland and back. This trip includes kiteboarding and windsurfing, parties in the city of Gdansk, exploring the area around, and meeting new people.

Then in August begin another sail, which takes us out from the Baltic Sea, and over to Scotland via Denmark and possibly Norway.  We sail down the West coast of Scotland and over to Ireland! This trip includes stops at some very interesting parts of the world; the Orkeneys, St. Kilda, and the Hebrides for example.

For more details on both the trips click here.

The planned 2020 route to Ireland

Please read the blog for updates, or send a request to join the facebook group.

We will still need people to join for the season 2021, so get in touch!

Last year 2019

In July and August 2019 we were sailed the Baltic Sea. It included the countries Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden. In total about 1300 nautical miles of major legs, and 700 miles of day sailing and short hops.

Work on preparations began June 8th. Launch by crane was on 17th, and we set sails on June 23rd! Then finally September 21st the boat lifted out of the water and went back on land for storage over winter.

shows sailing route 2019

The track from 2019

Transatlantic passages

In 2011 and 2014 we crossed the Atlantic. There is an article about sailing home which you can find here on the site.

transat routes

Transatlantic routes in 2011 and 2014

This map does not show all the places we sailed during the years 2011 to 2014. Examples are Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Cayman Islands, Cuba, and many more.

The beginning of the season

In preparation for each season there are always a few jobs to be done… anything particularly of interest to you? Come help us get ready!

  • Standing rigging, the mast and the sail control systems (3 days)
  • Preparation for the season of all areas under the waterline (2 days)
  • Launch of the boat with a big crane and stepping the mast (2 days)

Of course, anybody joining this boat should be prepared for a few hours occasional work. Fixing and improving the boat is simply part of the experience!

Hope to see you on board!

Shows the boat moored up at a rocky island in Sweden