• Canaries Crusing Map

    Hey there! I’ve got 1000 photos, and memories from the first 6 weeks cruising in the Canaries with 12 different crew. I have not had time to write anything about the adventures, or pick out any good photos to share, so here’s just a route map of where we have been in the canaries so far. La Gomera we have visited 3 times, and La Palma 2 times already, for example.

    Route map from 17 December to 30 January

  • Portugal Sunshine!

    Hello, hello! Sorry for the slow frequency of updates from me here on the boat! We have been busy sailing, and visiting different ports in Portugal. With stops in Aveiro, Lisbon, Alvor and Faro! There’s been really good interest from lots of people so we have had a full crew all the time – which is fantastic! So far this year 22 people have joined, and over 220 contacted me about sailing!

    Us on board thought it would be interesting to spend the next weekend in Cadiz, so we will sail there this week. The forecast is light winds from varying directions, the distance is 130 miles… so it could be quite a long trip, but with stars at night, and clear skies and sunshine all day. I think it will be nice.

    It’s not certain as to where we would sail next. I would say that it would be best to stay longer in the region of Spain and Portugal. For example, it would be fantastic to sail up the Rio Guardiana… but we need a good wind for that, because to motor for 25 miles up a river is not so funny!

    I would love to write some more about the places we have been and share some photos, but I want to enjoy the remaining hours of sunshine with the others on board!

    Fair winds!

    The beach at Alvor, Portugal
  • Galicia in Northern Spain

    A little update from us here in Galicia in Northern Spain where we arrived yesterday after an exciting passage across the Bay of Biscay!

    We had quite some strong wind, and not nothing in terms of waves either. The boat was amazing, and we did 190 miles in 24 hours, which is quite good in those conditions!

    Now we are here in Galicia, which is really nice! The people are friendly, the coastline is beautiful and the food is delicious!

    The next possible weather-window to sail around the Cape Finisterre and onwards down to Lisabon will hopefully be next week on Wednesday or Thursday. I am looking for more crew for that passage as Alice and Julot had to leave early!

    Get in touch if you’re interested in sailing to Lisabon, joining the boat in Lisabon or perhaps making a sail down to the South of Portugal later in October.

    Corme in Galicia. The only sailing boat in the harbour!
  • Voyage ahead!

    The days are getting shorter here in Brittany. Two days ago was the autumn solstice… and now the night will be longer than the day. I guess also that it in not so many weeks from now it will be necessary to change all the clocks from summer-, to winter-time. Maybe for the last time if we are to believe the news that daylight-saving time is to be abolished in many countries in Europe.

    Either way, the news is about the sailing! I am again looking for crew to help sail South. We are really trying to get out of here by the 15th October, which should be no problems. What we want is a nice Northerly breeze, and to make sure that there is no big storms or waves coming from over by Greenland and the USA. I would expect the departure point to be somewhere from the South coast of Brittany, and I have already two crew for this trip coming on the 11th -14th.

    Anyway, I will not write much now. At the end of the blog post is a little picture of the route across the Bay of Biscay. The distance from Ouessant/Ushant to La Coruna (a safe harbour in Spain) is 330 miles. We should expect to take approximately 48 hours to make this distance. If the weather is good then we don’t have to stop, we could continue down the coast and stop in Portugal instead. There’s no hurry, and no deadlines! So we do whatever is safe, and whatever is more interesting.

    Yes, we continue to the South of Portugal…then to the Canaries, and I have many people asking if I will also cross the Atlantic. My answer is no, we stay this side of the ocean. There really are so many places to go here too: all the Islands of the Canaries, ports in Spain, or Morocco. The boat will cruise for the winter and then make the passage back up North next Spring.

    Right now the boat is in St. Pol-de-Lion on the North coast of Brittany. I am here and doing all sorts of work and repairs on the boat until the 5th of October. So between the 5th and when the other crew get to the boat it would be great to have some help.

    Anyway, the sun is coming out here and I have things to do. So goodbye for now, and hopefully see you on board at some point!

    A propsed route for sailing South… just an idea, we’re flexible and have time!
  • Little post


    Too keep things up to date I just wanted to mention that we made a 4 day trip out to Roscoff from Morlaix and then also to Les Sept Iles. I though it was a great trip, and with three people on board only.

    I haven’t looked at any of the photos or done much in terms of writing a blog about this trip… but soon perhaps!

    Also, just to mention – we are planning another sail, perhaps as far as Saint-Malo starting tomorrow or the next day! So hoping to find people interested in that!