We left from Ria de Arosa on Thursday evening, from our anchorage not far from the town of Boiro. Four days in Galicia waiting for a favourable weather window to cross the Bay of Biscay and sail to Brittany. Four really nice days, and what can be said is that four days was not enough, and we will have to go back soon again!

What we had as a weather window has made for a good trip. The winds for the first two days were light and from the North, but generally allowed us to make distance West and a little North at around 310°. This we did to a point about 125nm Northwest of Capo de Finisterre, taking advantage of wind shifts to go on port or starboard tack, but generally always sailing on starboard. The light upwind, and long kind swell meant we could go by self-steering and no helming! Great news as the boat lacks an autopilot. Two beautiful calm sunny days, such a pleasant way to pass the time!

Then, with the arrival of the clouds and humidity we had the Westerly airflow descend to our latitude, and the remaining 350 miles to Brittany have been sailed taking advantage of these winds. The weather is a little grey, sometimes a little foggy, sometimes raining a little, occasional sun peeking through the clouds, or a glimpse of the starry night sky and final crescent of the moon.

The strategy for the Biscay crossing is as usual with this; keep West until you know you’re on a home run, and it has worked well for us. When we did get the stronger breeze, our point of sail has been with the wind aft of the beam and thus the boat has been running with the waves, and offering plenty of opportunities for catching a surf! We have only made 13 knots as a top-speed, but consistent good speed meant we have also clocked a 24 hour run of 180 miles, which is pretty nice going.

Our port of arrival was Île de Sain, as it was a too late in the day to make the last 15 miles to Douarnenez. A night sleeping and not keeping watches, then on the morning tide try and make Douarnenez and find a place for the trimaran in the harbour there! I do know that they have locks sufficiently wide for us, as I’ve been past there on bicycle and asked them.

Fantastic, now the Brittany adventures await, and we are very happy to be here!

550nm (shortest distance: 400nm) sailed in 98h; average speed 5.6kt; max speed 12.8kt; and best 24h run 180nm.