I thought I’d share some of the news about what’s to come on this website over the coming months.

First of all I have been in contact with the man who built the Altergo. He has been very helpful with filling in the gaps about the history, you can see more on the About page. But also, and this is really cool, he’s scanned lots of old photographs and newspaper articles of Altergo in her young days. I will get these up and published as soon as I can. I am still in the process of learning more about the photographs and their story, as well as making sure that nobody minds if i publish them online

Second, and this is not historical news. I will be sending updates from the sailing during 2019 with pictures of the different places and what’s going on on board.

Check back and see what’s happening! Finally, here’s a little taster of one of the historical photos of the boat.

Altergo in the 1970’s