I’ve made a few changes to the seasons sailing plan and updated the website. To see the whole plan it’s available on the front page.

The main difference is simply that I’ve tried to shift the sailing to earlier in the summer by taking on less jobs for improving the boat, and more just getting her ready for the season as quickly as possible to then perhaps do more jobs along the way.

The start of preparations of the boat while she is still on land is June 3th (before it was June 16th) and if anyone reading this wants to come and help with that then fantastic!

The boat should be in the water and ready to go on Sunday 23rd June (before it was July 12)

Another change is to go directly from the Stockholm archipelago to the Islands around the Gulf of Riga. This is instead of attempting the rocky waters of Ă…land and Finland around Turku this year.

So to conclude; the sailing is not continuing further than to the 25th July, and possibly ending a little before. So in total we have 4 weeks on the water and moving, with a possible little warm-up session around midsummer on the 21st June!

Let me know how this can fit in with your plans and hope to see you on board!

Launching the boat