Hello, hello! Sorry for the slow frequency of updates from me here on the boat! We have been busy sailing, and visiting different ports in Portugal. With stops in Aveiro, Lisbon, Alvor and Faro! There’s been really good interest from lots of people so we have had a full crew all the time – which is fantastic! So far this year 22 people have joined, and over 220 contacted me about sailing!

Us on board thought it would be interesting to spend the next weekend in Cadiz, so we will sail there this week. The forecast is light winds from varying directions, the distance is 130 miles… so it could be quite a long trip, but with stars at night, and clear skies and sunshine all day. I think it will be nice.

It’s not certain as to where we would sail next. I would say that it would be best to stay longer in the region of Spain and Portugal. For example, it would be fantastic to sail up the Rio Guardiana… but we need a good wind for that, because to motor for 25 miles up a river is not so funny!

I would love to write some more about the places we have been and share some photos, but I want to enjoy the remaining hours of sunshine with the others on board!

Fair winds!

The beach at Alvor, Portugal