A little update from us here in Galicia in Northern Spain where we arrived yesterday after an exciting passage across the Bay of Biscay!

We had quite some strong wind, and not nothing in terms of waves either. The boat was amazing, and we did 190 miles in 24 hours, which is quite good in those conditions!

Now we are here in Galicia, which is really nice! The people are friendly, the coastline is beautiful and the food is delicious!

The next possible weather-window to sail around the Cape Finisterre and onwards down to Lisabon will hopefully be next week on Wednesday or Thursday. I am looking for more crew for that passage as Alice and Julot had to leave early!

Get in touch if you’re interested in sailing to Lisabon, joining the boat in Lisabon or perhaps making a sail down to the South of Portugal later in October.

Corme in Galicia. The only sailing boat in the harbour!