The days are getting shorter here in Brittany. Two days ago was the autumn solstice… and now the night will be longer than the day. I guess also that it in not so many weeks from now it will be necessary to change all the clocks from summer-, to winter-time. Maybe for the last time if we are to believe the news that daylight-saving time is to be abolished in many countries in Europe.

Either way, the news is about the sailing! I am again looking for crew to help sail South. We are really trying to get out of here by the 15th October, which should be no problems. What we want is a nice Northerly breeze, and to make sure that there is no big storms or waves coming from over by Greenland and the USA. I would expect the departure point to be somewhere from the South coast of Brittany, and I have already two crew for this trip coming on the 11th -14th.

Anyway, I will not write much now. At the end of the blog post is a little picture of the route across the Bay of Biscay. The distance from Ouessant/Ushant to La Coruna (a safe harbour in Spain) is 330 miles. We should expect to take approximately 48 hours to make this distance. If the weather is good then we don’t have to stop, we could continue down the coast and stop in Portugal instead. There’s no hurry, and no deadlines! So we do whatever is safe, and whatever is more interesting.

Yes, we continue to the South of Portugal…then to the Canaries, and I have many people asking if I will also cross the Atlantic. My answer is no, we stay this side of the ocean. There really are so many places to go here too: all the Islands of the Canaries, ports in Spain, or Morocco. The boat will cruise for the winter and then make the passage back up North next Spring.

Right now the boat is in St. Pol-de-Lion on the North coast of Brittany. I am here and doing all sorts of work and repairs on the boat until the 5th of October. So between the 5th and when the other crew get to the boat it would be great to have some help.

Anyway, the sun is coming out here and I have things to do. So goodbye for now, and hopefully see you on board at some point!

A propsed route for sailing South… just an idea, we’re flexible and have time!