Updated June 13th: looking for two people to join for the Aug 14 – Sep 4 trip from Sweden to France. Also: we really want help from an extra person or two in the beginning of August to help on the farm… the main job is changing the tile roof. But there’s animals, and forest and other things to help with. Think of it like a help-x or work-away in a beautiful place, good food, easy going people, it should be fun!

I have had a huge response from people looking to join for the sailing this year, it’s fantastic! July is local trips on the South coast of Sweden, and sailing to Germany. The crew is a mix of people who found the boat online, but also family and friends. For the sailing from Sweden to France in mid-August to beginning of September, I think there may be a place available. There has been a huge interest, and it’s difficult for me to answer requests which are coming in. I have changed the adverts and am now looking for people who might want to cruise the Brittany coast, as well as go to England and Ireland in September to mid-October. Then of course more sailing down to Portugal and the Canary islands eventually in November.

Some of the people are here early to make a combination of sailing in July, and also spending some time in the Swedish countryside and helping with volunteer work on the farm. I hope to have at least a few days for painting the boat and make improvements before leaving in mid-August.

Looking forward to meeting new people and the season on the water! For those interested, but we now have a full boat, I’m sorry. I hope you find another sail project to join on, or maybe meet you somewhere along the way later this year!