It’s fantastic to be on the water again! There is a new rudder built, the antifouling paint is all fresh, and the mast is on. I think I can feel the wind in the sails already, but so far there is still a lot of projects and work in progress.

It’s not important to talk about all the jobs which we are doing on the boat, but suffice to say that there is progress on building another cabin, and give two extra sleeping places on board! This is very exciting and the design and build is going well.

So, for all the people reading, and all the crew and sailors interested in this years trips – let’s give you all an update. First of all, on Thursday 8th July I have one person arriving to help me get the sails on and prepare the sailing. I hope to make a trip that weekend, but just day-sailing with maybe friends or family.

The bigger trip is planned to Germany on Sunday or Monday 11th/12th July. The good news is that we should not require any special health checks and certificates for the travel to Germany. Sweden is not considered a high risk area since 27th June.

Two people who were going to join as crew for this trip have cancelled and now it is not certain how many people we will be, but I hope at least 3. The good news is that I think we are joined by another person travelling up from Berlin once we are down there, so maybe sailing on the return trip to Sweden we will be more people. The area around Rugen will be interesting to explore, and I think there are some good walks to do also.

Anyway, in short I think that we have space on both the first and second July sailing trips. If it’s possible to travel up and join the boat for you, then please contact me and maybe we can make a plan!

From 1st August for about two weeks I want to finish some more jobs on the boat before departure to the Atlantic Ocean and going South. I have also promised to help change a roof on a house up in the Swedish countryside. Anybody who wants to spend more time in Sweden is welcome to help with work, and on the farm.

Happy summer everybody, and look forward to sailing with you!