July has been and gone so quickly that I have not had time to write any updates from all the sailing which we have done.

The first trip was a tour of Rugen in Germany, and after that over in the SE-coast of Sweden. I would like to write more and tell the stories of the places which we have been but it feels like I don’t have time! The net big trip is just around the corner in August 15th when we sail from Sweden to France.

The crew in July was from both France, and Germany, but also England and Sweden. We have stayed a maximum of two nights in any one place, and generally I think that we couldn’t have wished for better weather, destinations and sailing.

For the update on le bourse aux √©quipiers and people checking out the website for the sailing from August 15th and onwards through September and October it’s exciting to see lots of people interested in sailing. It’s been a special year and it’s great to have so much interest in these sailing trips.

Anyway, I will not talk any more about the work and preparations before the trip South from Sweden and all the way to the Canary Islands, but please contact me for dates and possibilities for joining the sailing, especially two places available from Sweden to Brittany via Limfjord in Denmark is where I need crew!

Fair winds!