First of all thanks to all the crew for a fun and easy 200 mile sail over the Baltic! It’s been a really memorable fun time.

Also it was great to have so many people down at the dock to wave goodbye and see us off on the adventures! Sorry to miss the mid-summers celebrations on shore, but good also to be at sea and sailing.

Now, I would love to write a lot more, but it’s also been very busy here in Klaipeda, Lithuania for us. Busy because we had to leave now after just a nights rest. If we don’t then we will be stuck waiting for the weather until Sunday.

Klaipeda in the evening

So this morning we went to the market here in Klaipeda and have now filled the lockers with good food and vegetables. Local fruit and a few cheeses too. After that we paid the harbour dues, and filled up the water and left to sail to Gotland over in Sweden – 125 miles.

There is bad weather coming over on Wednesday evening so we have 24 hours to make the trip, or at least get close to land to get in the lee of Gotland when the wind comes in strong from the North.

We are three people on board for this leg, but then in Gotland two people are joining which found the boat on the internet, so that’s exciting to meet some new crew!

We plan to leave from Gotland on the 3rd or 4th to sail to Talinn, Estonia region.

We are there for 11 days and then on the 15th we’ll try to set off on the return trip to Sweden.

Alright, we are sailing along nicely now so soon the mobile signal will be gone so I better send this post now! Bye!